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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Full Circle

Friday will be my last day of residency. This fact blows my mind. Just one year ago I was sitting through boring hours of orientation and making excuses for not studying for the boards. This week, the new class of residents has begun orientation. I spent most of my day today preparing them for the upcoming year and filling them in on all the office gossip. It is eye-opening to look back and see how far I've come. Yet I'm still nervous about working independently. Maybe I'll take along the diabetes guidelines with me to read on the plane. One more time.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

India Blog

I wanted to let everyone know that George and I will be consolidating our blogging efforts while we are in India. So, if you are interested in reading our postings from India, check out this blog. I have added it to my blogroll.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stuff & Things

Hello. Since my last post, a lot has been going on. I spent the first week of June in Chicago learning about Parkinson's Disease. It was awesome except for getting stuck there an extra night after my flight got cancelled. I ended up missing my friends Val & Hughby's wedding, paying $6 for a stick of deodorant, and splitting a hamburger with a stranger. However, I did use my Midwestern charm to score a free night in the O'hare Hilton. King size bed, flat screen HDTV, mini-bar, etc. It could've been worse.

Of course I have been a little stressed out with the end of my residency (last day June 27), that trip to India, and move back to KS impending. My passport (and hopefully visa) are in the mail set to arrive tomorrow. I'm packing up my apartment to move everything into storage for now. India will happen July 3-August 8. When I get back I plan to relax and settle into Wichita until I start my new job on September 2. Phew.

There's your update. Oh, and Happy Father's Day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bollywood Party/Fundraiser

The party was Friday night, and by all accounts it was a success. I'm bad at estimating numbers of people, but someone guessed there were 40-50 people there. I had a lot of fun and it seemed like other people did too. Plus, I got some very nice compliments on my cooking. Here are some pictures:

Monday, May 05, 2008

Laura and Kate on the roller coaster for what I think was their 4th or 5th ride. Laura subsequently got a headache and her hypochondria convinced her that she had a subdural hematoma. To humor her (and because I'm nerdy) we did a full neurological exam which was negative. Phew.

Quality time in the car. I called shotgun.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Sweetest Place On Earth

Allow me to start by saying that my recent lack of posts in no way indicates that things have been mellow or that nothing is going on. Quite the opposite is true. Last weekend I flew home for Missy & Nate's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony; Missy looked like a princess (in a good way). I really enjoyed seeing so many of my KS friends and meeting Molly's and Stephen's new daughter, Ainsley. She's a cutie. The weekend made me look forward to moving despite the fact that I love Philly.

Then this week from Wednesday to Friday I went to Hershey, PA for the Eastern States Conference with the other residents and our director. The primary purpose of the conference was for all of the pharmacy residents to present their research. That part went well enough. I was very nervous and it showed in my trembling voice and on my flushed neck and chest. But, none of the questions were too difficult and no one made me feel stupid. So it was a success. The other girls did very well on their presentations, too. It's done!

On Thursday night they opened up part of Hershey Park just for the convention. It was a child's (or immature adult's) dream. Imagine it: a theme park with no lines. So awesome. There were times that we rode the roller coaster and no one was waiting in line at the end. So they let us ride again without going back through the line! I kept thinking about that episode of South Park when Cartman got his own amusement park. I will post some pictures as soon as I get around to buying batteries for my sweet new camera.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jayhawk Pride

Congratulations to the KU Men's basketball team for winning the national championship! I am proud to be a Jayhawk and am surprised that I have any fingernails left after that game. I watched it at Melody's. Girls only; lots of fun. It turns out that Melody is a walking encyclopedia of basketball. This is not surprising considering that her brother plays college ball, her dad coached him in HS, and she and her mom kept stats. She was marinaded in b-ball for several years. I was impressed many times. She should be a basketball coach if she changes her mind about the whole sociology thing. Also, every time I got pessimistic, she would explain a strategy that could bring us back. Almost without fail, that is what they would then do. Amazing.

Special congratulations to Mario Chalmers on his 3-seconds-left down-by-3 pts high pressure basket bringing us to overtime and eventually a win.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!