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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Full Circle

Friday will be my last day of residency. This fact blows my mind. Just one year ago I was sitting through boring hours of orientation and making excuses for not studying for the boards. This week, the new class of residents has begun orientation. I spent most of my day today preparing them for the upcoming year and filling them in on all the office gossip. It is eye-opening to look back and see how far I've come. Yet I'm still nervous about working independently. Maybe I'll take along the diabetes guidelines with me to read on the plane. One more time.


  • Congrats on finishing up but I'm sad to know you'll be leaving Philly. Not like I live there but it's a heck of a lot closer than Kansas. Oh, and I know that whole thing about not believing where a year can take you...

    By Blogger Stephanie, At 19:25  

  • The student has become the teacher :)

    By Anonymous ┬┤pt, At 11:18  

  • New post, new post!!!

    Oh, and welcome back :)

    By Blogger ~mike, At 13:04  

  • I've heard rumors you're set to (or already have?) started your new job...

    By Blogger ~mike, At 06:24  

  • The rumors are true! (About the new job, not about my blogging retirement) I plan to blog again soon, but some technical difficulties lie in the way. Soon, I promise!

    By Blogger Patti, At 16:00  

  • Glad to hear you'll be blogging soon. But I can't make out (that's what she said, sadly) where your new locale is...not philly, not kansas, so, D.C.? If so, I'm freaking jealous and you are person #8 that I love that lives there that I will need to visit.

    By Blogger Danafesto, At 16:00  

  • patti, you haven't blogged in forever!
    Hope you will soon!

    By Blogger Valerie, At 14:26  

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